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Baths, Closets, Home Office & Home Entertainment Solutions


We strive to meet and exceed the needs of our clients.  We provide a wide range of services: 


◾Monthly Sales Calls

◾Product and Sales Training

Showroom design, social media and  co-op advertising solutions 

◾Many other programs to increase your sales

◾Multiple product lines


◾Monthly sales calls

◾Product Training

◾Review designs on 20/20 or Pro Kitchen 

◾Highly responsive - phone, email or text questions with immediate response

◾Timely product updates, industry events via email, news letters and websites


◾Quality cabinets for two-step distribution

◾Multiple cabinet colors/styles

◾Short lead-times

◾Training for sales team

◾Programs to grow your business


•Turn-key solutions from our dealers and distributors

•Plan take-offs

•Entry level to semi-custom designs

•Job site deliveries

Give us a call or submit a request for product information to our website.  We know that once you try our services you will have found a long-term business partner! 

Thank you for your trust, confidence, and most importantly the opportunity serve your needs and help you grow your cabinetry sales!